Creating good habits

All milk or juice bottles are freshly prepared by a professional, according to the recommendations of a pediatrician, nutritionist or mother.

The food prepared at Primetime values a variety of ingredients to awake the interest and acceptance for different flavors in our children.

Our nutritionist prepares the menus, the dishes and supervises all meals. All food offered is prepared in our own professional kitchen using fresh and natural ingredients.

Children between 3 and 4 choose their food and serve themselves in our buffet, learning to make healthy choices with the nutritionist and the Educator.

All of our cakes and bread are prepared in house with at least 60% of whole wheat flour. They always contain legumes or vegetables (such as squash, pumpkin, spinach, taro or fruits); offering a valuable complement of vitamins and fiber for those who are not very keen on these ingredients.

Many of our juices combine fruits with vegetables (as spinach or kale).

75% of rice and pasta offered are whole food items.

Every week children are offered at least one fish rich in Omega3 (such as fresh salmon or tuna)


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