Primetime is so much more than a bilingual nursery. Customized facilities and programs ensure your baby gets the most out of each and every day: Water Play

– Babies play with water fountains to stimulate sensorial growth.

Mini Bakery – A safe way to stimulate creativity and senses.

Playground – Uniquely designed for infants aged 0 to 4, it is a first of its kind in Brazil.

Custom Floors – Heated on activity rooms and padded on external areas.

Ergonomic Furniture and materials – Hand-picked among the best in the world.

Filtered water everywhere and Positive Pressure Bottle Preparation Unit – For the babies health.

Ramps instead of stairs – For babies safety and mobility.

Vegetable Garden – where babies plant and harvest different spices and vegetables.

Theater – with performing lights, stage and curtains.

And much more to ensure safety, health and comfort.


Primetime. Empowering your child for life.

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