Intelligent Activities

Our experience, as well as science, confirms that babies and children under 3 are more capable and intelligent than imagined. Knowing it, we have elevated play time for the children to the level of their potential. We base our Activities in the concept of Understanding from the Project Zero, at the University of Harvard.

Every day babies participate in ludic Activities, full of context, challenging, creative and extremely “hands-on”. These activities are planned considering the group’s development level and individual motivation. They are registered through written observation, photos or filming.

Activities take place in 9 different environments and children move with their group through these different spaces (opened and closed) in a dynamic structure, with no confinement in a room.

The activities at Primetime include:
Music from different cultures and styles
Classical and ethnical instruments
Dancing and body language
Plastic art and its techniques
Observation of different animals each month (rabbits, ducks, pigs, sheep, goat, etc).
Planting, growing and harvesting vegetables
Experiences with sand and water
Culinary exploration
Studies of uncommon fruits and legumes using the 5 senses
Dramatization and performing arts
Stories, tales, fables and poems from around the world
Unusual material, surprising and creative

Classes, exercises and therapies (musicalization, gym circuits and physiotherapy) are intentionally NOT part of our program, because they are only adequate for the development of children above 3 years old and unnecessary to our routine.

Primetime. Empowering your child for life.

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