Primetime School Nanny Nursery
Personalization (groups up to 4 babies per 2 Educators from 0 to 2 and up to 8 children per 2 Educators from 2 to 4).
Qualification (all caregivers have a college degree and specialization on child development).
Curriculum specifically developed for 0 to 4 children.
Comprehensive psychological follow-up of every child, with weekly meeting between childs Educator and Specialist in child development.
Strengthened bond between child and Educator, who is in charge of all activities and care of the child.
Activities and interaction with different animals every month (piglet, sheep, goat, duck, rabbit, etc).
Full time nutritionist.
Food prepared locally, in a professional kitchen, from fresh, organic and whole food.
Varied menu excluding refined sugar, conservatives, processed food and trans fat.
Professional bottle preparation unit with positive pressure system.
Carefully selected material for the age groups, periodically renewed.
Library with wide range of titles selected for the age group by literary and illustration quality and books for parents guidance.
Physical structure planned to children from 0 to 4, no stairs, sharp edges and internationally awarded for its safety, ergonomics and comfort.
Children move around with their groups through various spaces, open and closed, in a dynamic way, without being enclosed in a room.
Ergonomic playground, specific for the age group from 0 to 4.
Furniture projected for children up to 4 years old, nontoxic painting and stumble proof.
Bathrooms projected for babies and children, with temperature lock at 38º and filtered water in the taps.
Heated floors will not dry air nor babies respiratory system, while keeping spaces at a pleasant temperature.
External floor soft and non-slip.
Central vaccum system, assuring higher protection against allergies and respiratory problems.
Trained security team, specialized employees and armored gatehouse.
Webcam available for parents to monitor their children.


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