Small Groups = More Attention

Having few babies per group allows the Educators to give each baby the attention she needs, observe her in detail and conduct the Activities with a high degree of personalization and care.

Our group formation criterion is not steered only by children’s age. We group them by compatible development level and diversity of interests and skills.

Each baby’s development level is continuously evaluated in the physical, social-emotional, cognitive and language areas. Each child can have his/her interests addressed, with no risk of leveling the group by the development level of the youngest or the oldest child.

Educators and assistants have a good academic formation and they are continuously trained in Child Development from 0 to 3, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Babies up to 24 months: groups of 4 babies per 2 Educators.
From 2 to 4 years old: groups of up to 8 children per 2 Educators (one Educator reference in English and another in Portuguese).

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