Dual Immersion

At the age of 2 every interaction between child and Educator is bilingual (Portuguese/English). The communication is made spontaneously in the two languages, with no translation. Each group has two Educators, one communicates in English and the other in Portuguese.

The Dual Immersion system is currently the most used in bilingual communities throughout the world and is cited in scientific researches as the most effective program in terms of contribution to long term academic success (Howard et al. 2003, p24). Bilingual programs promote the language knowledge but also multicultural integration.


• Bilingual fluency according to the child development level
• Vocabulary enhancement
• Linguistic pattern comprehension


• Music
• Games
• Activities
• Books, stories and dramatization

The bilingualism experience allows children, when leaving Primetime, to ingress in Brazilian or International schools which require fluency in English compatible with the child’s age.

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